The Changing Breeze.

This is a personal one~           A while back, one evening, I went and sat in the middle of the park. Closed my eyes and just let the noise around me overwhelm whatever was going on inside me. I felt the wind blow over my face, and the soft breeze soothed the wrinkles on my eyebrows. This Breeze had a different aura about it



You feel a sense of vividness and the essence that this word has something magical to contribute to this monochromatic world. They're colours and light. They let us live in worlds that we never believed in. Dreaming is an adventure, a journey travelled only by brave people. By fearless travellers of ambition and love.


I'm drunk, drunk in tiredness. Tiredness from all the struggles that we have to go through every single day. And I don't think it's just something that I feel. It's something we all experience at least once in a day. When we're scarily close to giving it all up. But we don't right? I think... Continue Reading →

When Self harm is the only way out. 

We have moments. We have breakdowns. Sometimes we reach a point where nothing matters more than the thing that hurts you. When you had to do what you did just because there seemed no other way out of the closed box.  When claustrophobia takes over you and harming yourself becomes the only way out.  When you're... Continue Reading →

Elixir and Pixie dust

There's enough hate, anger, regret and hurt in this world for us o add anymore. But what it's missing are those who'd just love without asking anything in return. Those who just purely want to be happy. Just be happy. You call that sappy, too happy go lucky, Anything. But it's something I believe in- There... Continue Reading →


It's that time again, when you think you can have a restart, begin again, start a new chapter. It's that time when you think you're reborn, Alive. Let this 'time' be when you truly are Reborn. Be you but Better than ever before. 1. Let yourself Free. Free from all grudges, regrets, ANY sort of... Continue Reading →

Make Yourself Happy. 

  How to Make yourself happy when that's the last thing you want to be: 1. Go out, alone or with friends. I prefer being alone. Set a good playlist and just walk till your feet hurt. Evenings in winters are the best time to get some peace of mind. 2. Write what you feel.... Continue Reading →


  "Sonder: the realization that everyone around you is living a life as complex as yours." Everyone has their own struggles. We think our life is tough;Unfair. But we're wrong. Everyone is fighting their battles. We cant compare problems. We cant compare people. We cant compare circumstances. All we can do is help people get... Continue Reading →

It’s time. 

Or is it? When you think that your world is finally crumbling into pieces. That the world you created with him is burning to ashes. You try your best to walk through it. To be brave enough and have the courage. When you just hope that he'd realise what you're going through and reach out... Continue Reading →

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