Breathe, It’ll Pass.

 “I go to seek the Great perhaps”  – John Green.


I don’t know what i plan on writing here. I don’t know if its going to make any sense. I wasn’t really sure whether it was a good idea or not. but then i paused and thought, “Girl, it doesn’t matter anyways. Doo what you like.”

The quote above just stuck in my head since the moment I was read the book. Though i was young then to actually understand the intensity of what it really meant, I think I somehow might have cracked the code now.

The past few days, I’ve been asking everyone around me if they’re happy. With whatever they have. Most of them had a decisive No for an answer while others said they have both bad days and good days. so they’re just Fine. Frankly, my answer was a No too.

But then, I ask this one person, who means alot to me, what he thought about his life.

And his reply left me thinking,”Love, this is reality, you can’t expect life to be perfect with flowers and sunshine and rainbows. because there would always be storms and rains. the only thing is that you need the sunshine after a few days of continuous rains. there has to be a balance in the good and the bad. All I’d say is, I am happy with my life. I have both good days and bad days, i do get sad when the bad days don’t go but then i know that the Sun  would eventually have to come back. And maybe, thats the tiny bit of hope you have to give yourself.”

Try typing ‘Can you kill me please’ on google once. and read the suicide stories.

Im sure they’ll change all those Ill thoughts in your mind. to know that there are people who have actual real problems. But mind it when I say, its the struggle that makes you strong. and there might just be a pot of gold at the end of the line.

i dont want to say that life actually is flowers and rainbows. but we all have days, when we just look out to the setting sun and breathe the fresh air and think that its all just an illusion. we live in a world where No one is happy. This isn’t how it was supposed to be.

We’ll be fine.

Just Breathe Okay? It’ll Pass.


































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