The question that ponders upon every soul on this land at least once, ‘Why?’ The sad part is, never does anyone ever have the time to actually answer it. and I believe it shall forever remain one of the greatest mysteries to Man.

Maybe this could be the reason for us to keep going on. You see, A person requires an ‘Aim’ something that would give meaning to his life. The Task to uncover the mystery of WHY? shall remain an important task for humans.

That being said, I don’t expect people to ever actually know the answer. Because a wise man once said, “When has man ever truly known what he really wants?”

When I ask the question here, I mean to focus on our daily struggles. Why is a child forced to do Math when all he wants to do is paint? Why is a particular task forced upon everyone? Our Goals are different. So our path has to be different too.

Children go to school to study. Their Aim: To Earn. But, Is money all? Would the cycle of struggling for more ever end? Is there even AN END? I’m afraid the only endpoint is death itself. There is no end. Its a Circle.

Again, the question arises, Why run in the first place?

For Happiness. 

Or at least that’s the answer I seem to have come to terms with. It defines what I do. For me, over everything else, Happiness holds precedence.

Because having a purpose makes us happy. It gives us happiness to do things. It’s important to do things because you Want to, Not because you Have to.

Because if we’re happy and content and our soul is satisfied, Its no longer a compulsion, just an act done for mere satisfaction. Then don’t you think it automatically answers the question?

Why am I writing this blog? Well, Because it makes me Happy.





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