The Final Heartbreak. 

She thought a lot, whether it’s right or not. Whether everything she was suffering through was worth it or not. She knew he gave him the happiness no one ever could. But he’d become the reason of her tears more than her smile. She looked at him, like she knew it was her end yet she embraced him with all the happiness that she could. He was the death of all beings yet for her, The life giver. Why does love hurt so much?

The problem isn’t love babe, it’s the point when you love a person so much that you’d give anything for them. But when you do so, you expect the same from them, in the same way that you give your love.

No, everyone has their own way of showing it. 

There are days when all she wants to do is give up and cry. Because she’s exhausted. Like a burnt out candle. There isn’t any hope left. Whenever you try to light up that flame again, it flickers for a second and disappears again. You have to understand that it’s gone. She’s gone. And no matter what you do, you can’t light her up again. Only ‘He’ can do that. And she knows very well that that’s asking for way too much. She sits back in the darkness, her eyes closed the only thing going on in her mind is his name. And she’s going to carry his name like a scar. Flaunt it. The tears have dried up long ago. She’s decided she’s just going to live it through. She’s given up. And Now her empty soul lives in the hollow body, waiting for Death.



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