It’s time. 

Or is it? When you think that your world is finally crumbling into pieces. That the world you created with him is burning to ashes. You try your best to walk through it. To be brave enough and have the courage. When you just hope that he’d realise what you’re going through and reach out to you, make you feel like his queen again. Tell you how much he loves you because your ears have become sore waiting to hear those words. When you’re on the verge of Breaking apart and leaving everything you ever had. But. You don’t. Because you aren’t strong enough? No, because you cant break those promises you made to him. Because you simply love him to be blind to all the Hurt he’s been causing you. You cant break from the bonds because the memories weigh you down. Because you still hope that he loves you the way he once did. Your hands shiver while you type every text to him, wondering if its time to tell him what you feel or would you give ‘us’ a second chance.

You’re at the Accomodar-At the giving up point. The event has come. And it’s responsible for you failing to make progress. You have to break free.

But You know you cant do it without him but you’re at this point where nothing seems easy. Its the point where you have to move on. Maybe its time to give up. But you have to prepare yourself. Brace yourself for the suffering. Because it’s time.
~The candence of suffering has begun.~



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