Sonder: the realization that everyone around you is living a life as complex as yours.”

Everyone has their own struggles. We think our life is tough;Unfair. But we’re wrong. Everyone is fighting their battles. We cant compare problems. We cant compare people. We cant compare circumstances. All we can do is help people get through it. Be with them so that even if we cant solve their problems, Atleast they’d have a loved one to be their strength. They wont have to face it alone.
Its unfair if you say you’re the only one suffering. Lets talk about me. 

I agree I have a good life: a good family, people to laugh with, someone who loves me and a roof on my head.

But if someone asks me, I probably wont say I’m happy. Why? Because i have problems even in these. It might not be good for me. But anything third person would feel I’m just being unreasonable. They wont understand that everyone has insecurities. Everyone compares their life with someone better. But its wrong.

Constantly comparing your life with someone else will never make you happy. Even if what you have is enough.

And even when you do compare, you’re oblivious to their problems, their struggles. Do you compare your problems? Are you even aware of them?

We blindfold ourselves towards others problems. We think we’re the only one suffering. But its not true.
Lets talk about what we can do about it, because discussing the problems isnt going to solve it.

1. Accept that you have problems and so do others.

2. Talk to them. Help them went it out. And be trustworthy about it.

3. Share your problems with your close friends. Because even if you think it doesn’t matter, the fact that you trusted your friends enough to do it, would matter alot to them.

Its not new that life isn’t perfect. But dwelling on it wont help. Comparing it would only make it worse. Accept that its there. And face it.
Your Sonder awaits You.



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