Make Yourself Happy. 


How to Make yourself happy when that’s the last thing you want to be:
1. Go out, alone or with friends. I prefer being alone. Set a good playlist and just walk till your feet hurt. Evenings in winters are the best time to get some peace of mind.

2. Write what you feel. Write what’s wrong. Write how you’re going to change it. 

3. Don’t think about the thing that’s making you upset. You’ll end up getting more sad. Just like clear out everything in your mind.

4. Distract it by thinking about better things. More beautiful things. The stars, the moon, the universe, flowers just everything around you.

5. Once you start doing that, you’ll be thanking the world as it exists and its beauty. Once you start appreciating the beauty, you’d find that the thing you were upset about doesn’t matter. That it is a ripple in an ocean of problems.

6. Accept that the thing that caused you pain isn’t going to change. Either you remove it from your life, or you accept it as it is. There is no change.

7. Think about all the good times. I know when you’re upset that’s the last thing you do, but when you get alone time in good weather and good music you’ll realize it. That you’ve had good moments too.

8. Let go. I know it’s way more easy to say it than to do it, and it doesn’t come in a day, once you stop thinking about it, it’ll go. It’ll just be there in a small dark corner of your mind. And let it stay there. Don’t remember or rewind things that don’t make you happy or aren’t good. Because they’re of no use anyways. All they do it cause pain.

Find peace in solitude.

Find yourself in the person you love the most. Because no matter what, it’s them you want. It’s them you need. Cool off, relax and then let it go.

Because you need them. More than you think you do.


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