It’s that time again, when you think you can have a restart, begin again, start a new chapter. It’s that time when you think you’re reborn, Alive.
Let this ‘time’ be when you truly are Reborn. Be you but Better than ever before.
1. Let yourself Free. Free from all grudges, regrets, ANY sort of negativity that surrounds you. You don’t need it anymore.

2. Grow. Become better. Get involved in activities, hobbies. When I say Grow, I mean Grow as a person. Become worthy. Be an all rounder. Participate. Don’t let go of good opportunities that will contribute in making you better. Becoming Better is the Goal.

3. Let go of people. What kind of people? Those who are not contributing to your Goal. Are they making you wiser? Happier? Smarter? Healthier? Wealthier? BETTER? No? Then you don’t need them any more.

4. Be open to learning. Learn from everyone. Ask people what they can teach you, what they’re good at. Gain knowledge from everyone around you.

5. See the better in everything. Perspective changes the energy around us. If we look at everything positively, the world would be forced to make it better for us.

6. Don’t exhaust yourself. Those who want to stay with you will make the effort. You dont have to be the one doing everything. Let the beginning of a new year be a test for the people that are going to surround you for a beautiful year ahead.

7. Realise your Worth. This is nothing new but I cant put enough emphasis on it. You’re a masterpiece and you’re the only one. Only one YOU. No one can replace you. NO ONE. Understand this.
Plan your methods but let your goal be Clear.

Become Better- GROW.

Let this year be the start of something new, something bigger, something the world doesn’t realise the power of. YOU.


To the Dawn of a New tomorrow.


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