Elixir and Pixie dust

There’s enough hate, anger, regret and hurt in this world for us o add anymore. But what it’s missing are those who’d just love without asking anything in return. Those who just purely want to be happy. Just be happy. You call that sappy, too happy go lucky, Anything. But it’s something I believe in- There are some things that are just meant to be cherished and enjoyed and Loved. Because you’re losing moments and life is just too short to have enough of what made your soul glow. Because if people gave enough love to one another there wouldn’t have ever been any other sad soul in this world but, there is. And to think that all those soul require to regain their shine is a little rub sprayed with a concoction of love and hope. 

I believe those who doubt themselves and think themselves to be inferior are merely living in a delusion. Because they can’t admire the souls within us and it’s hunger to be free. Our mind, our soul is striving for growth. These problems are merely hurdles that cement the inevitable future. 

We are beings of nature. Beautiful creatures created from raw. We are the ones who bring order to chaos. 

The secret is how to unlock it. And you’ll be surprised to know that the key could be anything from faith to love. Its just important to rise and help others rise. The world is a box full of endless chances. 

The power is within us. And all it needs is a little love and a spark of well, You. 


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