You feel a sense of vividness and the essence that this word has something magical to contribute to this monochromatic world. They’re colours and light. They let us live in worlds that we never believed in. They give us the hope that not everything is lost, that we have to live another day to make our dreams reality.

When I talk about dreams, there are 2 types that would come into everyone’s mind: the first, where all your fantasies come true, where you’re the ruler of the world and there’s nothing but happiness around you. 

The second, though much realistic when compared to the previous, is the place where your goals come true, where your aspirations are met and you’re living your life with a good job and the love of your life.

I have a smile on my face when I write this because I have dreams too and Talking about it makes me hopeful that I have the power to make these come true one day. 

These dreams aren’t just some illusion that one creates in their mind to console them about the mess the world is in, but rather, it stands as proof that we are not lost, that we still dream about a better future and you know, when you we start believing in these dreams, we believe that we have the power to realize it one day.

That power, is our weapon, our guide, our map. 
Because dreams aren’t just to be seen. They have a purpose. They’re meant to be fulfilled. 

And you might think it’s beautiful when you exhibit it this way, but the truth is, no matter how big, difficult, impossible that dream may seem, if you believe in it, and in yourself. Then your destination isn’t very far away. 

Dream. Wonderland. 



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