The Final Heartbreak. 

She thought a lot, whether it's right or not. Whether everything she was suffering through was worth it or not. She knew he gave him the happiness no one ever could. But he'd become the reason of her tears more than her smile. She looked at him, like she knew it was her end yet... Continue Reading →



The question that ponders upon every soul on this land at least once, 'Why?' The sad part is, never does anyone ever have the time to actually answer it. and I believe it shall forever remain one of the greatest mysteries to Man. Maybe this could be the reason for us to keep going on.... Continue Reading →

Breathe, It’ll Pass.

 "I go to seek the Great perhaps"  - John Green.   I don't know what I plan on writing here. I don't know if its going to make any sense. I wasn't really sure whether it was a good idea or not. but then i paused and thought, "Ananya, it doesn't matter anyways. Do what you... Continue Reading →

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